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The New Standard for White Gold and Silver:
Precisely What Your Customers Want.
You demand the best. And we produce
the best. It's the perfect partnership.
From master alloys to sizing stock, we
have everything you need to bring it all
full circle in Precise White.

Learn more about our patented master
alloys by selecting Precise® White Gold
or Precise® White Silver below.
Precise® White Gold Features & Benefits

Our exclusive Precise® White Gold is known for being a true white gold because of our patented special alloy formula. The typical yellowish tinge that is common in white gold has been eliminated, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

With traditional white gold, the erosion of the rhodium plating leads to the discovery that the gold in the ring isn't truly white…and customers become frustrated and upset. With Precise White Gold, your customers will know that you have chosen the highest-quality white gold for their jewelry—and they will be true to YOU.

Experience the differences of the game-changing product that transformed the market:

  • Significantly lower manufacturing costs due to no special handling or plating costs
  • No yellow tinge commonly seen in white gold
  • No color issues after rhodium plating starts to wear
  • Safer for nickel-sensitive customers
  • Developed with the jeweler in mind
  • Can be polished and finished as easy as yellow gold
  • Precise White Gold is available in sheet, wire, master alloy, grain, findings, sizing stock and solders

Precise White Gold is available in 10 Karat, 14 Karat, and 18 Karat options. If you need personalized help with ordering, call us at 1.800.428.0040 to speak with one of our representatives.

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Precise® White Silver Features & Benefits

Introducing our Precise White Silver master alloys – it's whiter in color than traditional sterling silver, is stronger, has more spring and is more tarnish resistant than traditional sterling silver resulting in a more cost-effective finishing process.

Precise White Silver provides critical benefits that others don't offer. With Precise White Silver, you have the ideal foundation for all your sterling silver jewelry needs.

Experience the differences:

  • Precise White Silver findings have stronger spring than traditional silver findings
  • New tarnish-resistant formula is easier to investment cast = cleaner and easier to finish
  • Ideal for stone setting and casting stones in wax = easier to work with
  • Reduced fire scale from casting versus standard silver formulations
  • No need to rhodium plate
  • Whiter in color compared to traditional formulations
  • Allows for thinner and lighter castings
  • Meets international standards for nickel, lead and cadmium

Precise White Silver can be supplied in sheet, chain, findings, solder, wire, grain, master alloy and other mill products, all with the features and benefits described above. If you need personalized help with ordering, call us at 1.800.428.0040 to speak with one of our representatives.

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